Family of police shooter speaks out

Snyder police officer, Corporal Darryl Campbell remained in critical condition Thursday after a near fatal gunshot wound to the head.According to family and Snyder police however, Corporal Campbell continued to make improvements.Those included slightly opening his eyes, moving both sides of his body, and apparently being weened off medication in hopes that he will fully wake-up.During the recovery process at University Medical Center in Lubbock, there are officers with Corporal Campbell 24/7.While he remains at the hospital, the support back home in Snyder has continued to grow.While the majority of the family is with Corporal Campbell in Lubbock, there has still been an outpouring of support for the officer from the community in Snyder.People in the town are pulling for Officer Campbell to continue to make progress in his recovery.A neighbor of Campbell's, Ruben Ruiz, has done his part in the cause by mowing and up-keeping Campbell's yard."The community needs to come together and that's what we're doing," Ruiz said.Flags have also been set out across Campbell's yard by the Rotary Club.The support extends to the police department as well.Snyder Police Lieutenant Brian Haggard explained the overwhelming support the family and the police station have received.He said, "It's been overwhelming I mean we're getting calls every day. [They say] 'Whatever we need, tell us, we'll do it.' So we've been very happy with the community support and we thank everyone for their support."Since the shooting early Tuesday morning however, the town has wondered how this could happen in their neighborhood.Family and others who knew Dewayne Birmingham, who was killed after he shot Campbell in the head, said this isn't like the family man they knew.A family friend of the Birmingham's, Shaquita Sneed, said the whole neighborhood was in shock when it happened because they would never expect it from Dewayne."Dewayne was a good person. He just went to work, took care of his kids, didn't do drugs. He was a normal person. Nobody expected nothing like this to happen. It shocked everybody," Sneed said.While the Snyder Police had no reason to expect this either, there's an extensive arrest report, dating back to 1986. It includes multiple counts of evading arrest and obstructing police.Still, those who knew Dewayne insist that they would never expect this from the father of six.Sneed continued, "Everybody was like what? What happened? But the police officer, nobody expected that to happen to him either. He's not the type of police [officer] to mess with you and pick with you, you know? He just does his job."Sneed went on to explain that throughout the night before the shooting, Birmingham repeatedly said he was too stressed out and that there would be lightning that night. He also said he was ready to be with his brother; his brother is deceased.Dewayne Birmingham's wife, Michelle, said while she is also praying for the recovery of Corporal Campbell, she wants people to know that her husband is not the monster everyone thinks he is.The family said he was a good man who was stressed about multiple issues in his life and made one mistake."Anybody that says how big of a monster my husband was... that he deserved to die... that's not true. He made one bad mistake, everybody makes mistakes. But he was a good man," Michelle said with conviction.That mistake cost him his own life and nearly one of a good man and police officer.Birmingham's funeral is set for 2 PM this Saturday at Bell Cypert Seale Funeral Home in Snyder.