FBC Christmas program slated for Dec. 16

If anyone is looking for a way to celebrate the holiday season, your search can come to an end. This Sunday night, December 16 at 6 p.m., the worship choir from the First Baptist Church (FBC) in Sweetwater will be presenting a Christmas program at their church entitled “A Christmas Prayer”.The musical was arranged and orchestrated by J. Daniel Smith, while the drama portion of the program was written by Matt Tullos. David Woods, the minister of music at FBC, said that the program combines the two elements in sharing the story of Phillip Galloway, the main character. According to the program synopsis, Phillip has had a chip on his shoulder for the past twenty years, stemming from the death of his mother from an illness when he was eight years old.But while Phillip's mother was a committed Christian who was devoted to the Lord, his father disregarded God at that time and verbally abused him, letting the family down on many occasions. As a result of his disappointment in his father and the death of his mother, Phillip grew bitter.The story goes on to share that five years ago, his dad had a spiritual awakening. However, Phillip's heart is hard toward his father and God, as he questions how a loving God could take his mother from him.Phillip's sister Jenny is then introduced to the story, who invites her brother to come home for the weekend during the holidays. Their brother Nathan is narrating the church musical and Jenny, a member of the church, eagerly invites Phillip to join them for the event. Once he reluctantly agrees, the story follows Phillip on his trip home. During his journey, he meets people along the way who take him into deep discussions, proving that his family's prayers are being answered--even before the Christmas musical begins.The FBC worship choir is made up of about twenty-five voices, and the musical features a child's solo which will be performed by Jaden Doggett. Other special soloists in the program include Mollie Bedgood, Jenny Doggett, Dr. Robert Eaker, and Susan Woods.Glen Bedgood is in charge of the drama and has been working with the actors, and since late September, Woods has been working with the choir on the music. Some traditional music is included, but most of the songs featured in the program are new for Christmas."My desire [for the event] is that people will be encouraged to remember that there are moments in life where another chance is warranted and granted," said Woods, "if we will but give God and others a chance."The program is free of charge, and all are invited to come and enjoy this Christmas event. First Baptist Church is located at 213 E. Third Street in Sweetwater.