Fill those seats

Joseph Grant
Staff Writer

SWEETWATER — Sally Vlad of Sweetwater is perplexed.
She received a summons in the mail in late December from Nolan County 32nd District Court to appear for jury duty earlier this month.
She notified the district clerk’s office about her deteriorating physical condition and said the mere process of getting to the courthouse was insurmountable.
She had filled out a questionnaire included with the summons that had some questions pertaining to her health condition. Vlad said she obliged and filled out all items to the best of her knowledge.
Vlad followed up with a phone call to the district clerk’s office.
Vlad said she was told by a district clerk deputy that documentation in the form of a physician’s note would be needed to be excused.
“I was told the only way to be excused is to have a physician’s note stating that I cannot serve. I explained that I am a shut-in, do not drive and cannot walk. Furthermore, I explained that I have no one to take me to a doctor’s office to obtain an excuse. I was told that if I do not show, a warrant will be issued for my arrest,” Vlad said.
District Clerk Jamie Clem confirmed that Vlad had been mailed a summons and questionnaire to appear. But the directive of a warrant being issued for Vlad’s arrest or anyone’s arrest who does not initially comply for jury summons is something that Clem said is false.
(For story remainder, see Jan. 14-15 weekend edition of The Sweetwater Reporter)