Final City Commission Meeting for 2011

The City Commission met for their final regular meeting of 2011 on Tuesday morning, December 13, 2011 at City Hall.City Manager Eddie Brown, in his report to the commission, noted that sales tax revenue for the month of November increased over the same period last year by $109,042.26. He stated that he and the city staff have been looking into the situation and have been working with the State Comptroller to determine if the numbers are possibly an error. However, on Tuesday afternoon, the State Comptroller's office confirmed to city staff that the sales tax numbers are valid. Mr. Brown also noted that the city received a $6,400 matching grant from Oncor's City Matching Grant Program for installing an energy efficient lighting system at the Sweetwater Fire Department. Several action items were presented and approved, including the minutes from the November 8, 2011 meeting. Also, approval was given authorizing the renewal of the contract with Melody's Southwest Consortium for drug and alcohol testing services. The tests are done at random and are required by the state.A few reappointments for the County-City Library Board were approved by the commission, including Rod Wetsel and Joe Rivera as the city and county-city appointees, respectively. Their new terms will expire December 31, 2014.In addition, Kent Boatright was approved to be reappointed as the city appointee to the Pioneer Museum Board, with his new term ending on December 31, 2013. At the present time, Mr. Boatright is working with the city on some projects with the museum.Approval was also given to authorize city staff to pursue bids for three police patrol cars. The cars are typically replaced once they have reached 150,000 miles and the purchases are budgeted.Furthermore, the first reading of an ordinance amending the budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year was approved, which will add one firefighter position to the authorized number of positions at the Fire Department. The addition will help to fill shifts in order for the department to not be short-staffed.The city commission also approved for City Manager Eddie Brown to enter into a 36-year agreement with Liberty Texas Tire Recycling, LLC. The company will assist in their recycling and/disposal of used and waste tires collected by the city.The city was previously in an agreement with an Abilene-based company, but Liberty offers lower prices in their services. On average, the city collects around 2,000 tires yearly. The costs are projected to decrease by one-third with the new company.Another item approved was a resolution authorizing the adoption of plan reinstatement regarding "Valic", or Variable Annuity Life Insurance Co., deferred compensation IRC 457 plan. The voluntary plan was updated in order to fall in line with new regulations.