Financial audit presented at recent RPMH board meeting

The 2013 financial audit was presented at Monday night's meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District's board of directors' meeting, held at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH).Highlights of the report conducted by Durbin and Company were given, in which a clean and unqualified opinion was given. With a new company in charge of the audit, the format of the report saw some changes and some new standards were seen.While many consistencies were seen from last year's and this year's data, there were some positive changes also noted. Comparisons were made with last year's totals among state and rural hospitals, and various statistics from the past three years were also presented.The board and those involved in gathering the information for the report were commended for their work and effort. Following the presentation, the board approved the audit.Also, approval was given to the February 2014 financial statements, which were reviewed during the meeting. The accounts payable and payroll from the previous month were approved as well, along with the bad debt write-off list from February 2014.Furthermore, four purchases were approved by the board, all of which were discussed in detail at the recent finance committee meeting. Among them were the pro respiratory analysis system, which is used in the cardiology department for pulmonary function tests.Three other items were approved for purchase as well, which will be used in the OR. The laparoscope set-up helps plug in equipment, which is used in all laproscopic procedures and is now in high-definition.The pediatric colonoscope, while rarely used for children, is sometimes recommended for geriatric patients for patient safety and has been needed for some time. In addition, the video bronchoscope, which has been requested for some time, serves a dual purpose for bronchioscopes and assists staff with difficult intubations.