Fire consumes family home

A Friday morning fire has left a family without their home and without any of their belongings. The fire was electrical in nature and consumed the entire home and a vehicle as well. The family — Alvin and Rosa Rogers and daughter Gracy Sosa — is currently staying at La Quinta in Sweetwater and a donation jar has been put at the front desk for donations for the family. As of right now, the family is mostly in need of clothes, as all of their clothes were burned in the fire. Any donations are much appreciated. Family clothing sizes include:• Alvin Rogers — XL shirts, 34x42 bottoms, size 10 shoes;• Rosa Rogers — L shirts, size 14 bottoms, dresses and skirts, size 14, size 11 shoes;• Gracy Sosa- 3XL shirts, size 22 bottoms, size 9 shoes.Jackets will also be needed, as cooler weather is approaching. Jacket sizes include men's XL, women's XL and women's 3XL. They are also in need of under clothes. Another family member stated that Alvin is a big Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns fan and he lost all of his favorite sports wear in the fire. "Every Saturday and Sunday that’s all he would wear and now he can't."The family will be staying in a hotel until arrangements are made and will be out of their home anywhere from three to four months, depending on the weather, until their home can be rebuilt. Other items are also needed including toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and deodorants. Towels are needed, as well as paper plates, plastic silverware and paper cups while they are in the hotel. Small kitchen appliances can also be donated such as a coffee pot, microwave, toaster, etc. Microwavable food can also be donated to the family.Donations can be dropped off at La Quinta front desk under Rosa Rogers or at 1701 Henderson in Sweetwater.