Fires on red flag warning day

The Sweetwater Fire Department responded to fires in Nolan County on Sunday, which was deemed a red flag warning day. The high winds and dry conditions were the cause of the elevated fire danger. This photo shows firefighters responding to a fire on Ragland Street in Sweetwater that firefighters believe began with a lit cigarette butt that might have been thrown out of a vehicle traveling on the street. The occupants of the home did not notice the fire or smell the smoke, but a neighbor alerted the family and authorities and everyone in the home was safe. Sweetwater firefighters also extinguished a small grass fire on Avenue A in Sweetwater. The fire began in an alley and quickly spread over a block through some dry grass, according to authorities. It quickly jumped Avenue A and got onto the railroad. Two trucks and four firefighters were able to contain the fire and stop it before it spread any further.