First Baptist Church P3 Celebrates Ten Years

Special to the Reporter
Staff Writer

The summer of 2009, it all began with a sign: “P3 is Coming…Next Week!” Ten years later, there are now four signs proclaiming the same message in four regions of Sweetwater, TX.
The original sign gave no other explanation, but developed a curiosity in the neighborhood that was satisfied as members of First Baptist Church knocked on doors the following Sunday and invited children and their families to P3 which stands for “Praise and Party in the Park.”
That first summer, P3 happened once a month in three different locations around Sweetwater. The Youth of First Baptist developed the curriculum for the first P3, and each day included a meal, Bible Story, crafts, songs, games, and memory verse activities.
Over the last ten years, the format and the locations have changed, but the mission remains the same: taking the Good News and love of Jesus to the community of Sweetwater. Instead of having P3 in one location each month as in 2009, First Baptist now celebrates P3 week, where all the P3 events happen on the same days at the same time across Sweetwater.
June 25-28, 2018, will mark the tenth summer of P3 Ministry for First Baptist Church. During the week, P3 will be happening from 5:30pm-7:30pm in four locations: the park by East Ridge Elementary, Northwest Apartments, Booker T. Washington Park, and Coral Cove.
The Children’s Minister at First Baptist Church, Lisa Eaker, said, “We are so thankful for the City of Sweetwater, and Sweetwater ISD for allowing us to continue to have this ministry to children and families in the parks of Sweetwater.”
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