Frieda: no complaints of racial profiling

Staff Writer

“There have been no complaints of any racial profiling,” Sweetwater Police Chief Brian Frieda told the city commission at its monthly meeting on Tuesday.
Items on the packed agenda varied from ordinances to appointments.
The minutes from the January meeting were approved, as were the ordinance ordering the election of qualified voters to be held on May 6 for the purpose of electing a mayor and two city commissioners.
The commission reappointed Bill Johnson to the City/County Joint Airport Zoning Board for a new term that will expire on February 28, 2019. Larry Ludlum was also appointed for another term to the Nolan County Municipal Board. Ludlum’s term will expire on February 28, 2019, as well.
The commission also approved advertisements by staff for bids for the Oak Creek and Lake Sweetwater lots leases to lease hold interests. These bids would be opened on April 11, 2017.
An ordinance regarding a curfew for minors who have skipped or have been expelled from school was given its first of two public readings. “This is a useful tool to curb juvenile loitering. Students cannot be in public during school hours and must stay at home.” Police Chief Frieda stated. Once this becomes an approved city ordinance, it will be communicated with the school district. There is no ordinance at the moment and must be revisited every two years. The first reading of the proposed ordinance was approved.
The next proposed ordinance given the first reading of two public readings pertained to an amendment regarding the operation of vehicles by adding a new section that deals with the use of engine brakes.
“Truck drivers are using ‘jake brakes’ while in town,” Mayor Jim McKenzie stated.
Commissioners noted that this has been repeatedly done adjacent to Bluebonnet Drive in a superfluous manner, as there are no hills in town. This first reading was approved.