Full Price

"Help yourself" was the response of the clerk as I asked for a single red rose. I needed one to express care and concern for my daughter, who had just come through a difficult weekend.The roses were a part of the Monday morning floral shipment and were scattered over much of the customer service area. The flowers were standing in five gallon buckets filled with water. Many of the buckets contained roses, yet I could not seem to find the right one.My attention was finally focused on a rose that stood alone in one of the large buckets. Its stem was only about six inches long; the leaves were limp and the rose had a number of bruised petals. I wanted that rose even though the others were much more attractive.The clerk took my selection and said, "That will be $2.15!" She was charging me full price! Full price for a long stemmed red rose that was only 6" long, limp and bruised! $2.15 seemed an exorbitant price for a perfect specimen, but full price for this one? I paid the bill and left with my treasure not understanding my having selected that particular rose nor why it had been offered at full price.Driving to her job location, I began to see how my "full price" rose would be able to make a statement. With tears, I told her that she was that rose; isolated, limp and bruised, yet chosen over all the others. Her potential was assessed and the full price paid. She was able to hear the message of her value to me but also of her value to God. Even though she was isolated, limp and bruised, He paid full price for her through Jesus, shaped and trimmed her, then placed her in a position of honor. She was her Dad's and also her Father's full price girl...and worth it.Named Writer of the Year in 2005, Ted Weaver is also an accomplished public speaker, educator and auctioneer. Mr. Weaver held positions as the Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Pro-Tem in Sweetwater, Texas. Contact Ted Weaver at TedWeaver@juno.com or by phone at 719-964-5268.