Future, Leadership Sweetwater participants participate in sessions

The Future Sweetwater class recently had their City/County Session, touring many entities in Nolan County. The class began at the Sweetwater Fire Station and a tour was given by Sweetwater Fire Chief and Sweetwater Emergency Services Director Grant Madden. The class then traveled to City Hall on a fire truck to attend a city commission meeting. The class was welcomed by Edward Brown, City Manager. The class was given an overview of City Services by Carolyn Lawrence, Finance Director. Sweetwater Chief of Police Brian Frieda then gave the class a taser and weapons demonstration.The group continued with the county portion of their session and traveled to the Nolan County Courthouse. They were given a tour of the Nolan County Sheriff's Office by County Judge Tim Fambrough and Sheriff David Warren. A tour of the District Court was given by Judge Glen Harrison.After lunch, the group went to the city's water treatment plant and was given a presentation of water and wastewater services, as well as a tour of the water treatment plant and the wastewater treatment plant by Eddy Campbell, City Utilities Director. The leadership Sweetwater class had their Quality of Life Session on the same day, meeting at the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce. The group then traveled to the Municipal Auditorium for a tour of the building. The group then traveled to and toured the WASP Museum. A tour was also given to the group of the Nolan County Coliseum and the Pioneer Museum. The Leadership Sweetwater group then went to the County-City Library.