George P. Bush speaks at 2013 Shale Show

George P. Bush, son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, made a stop in Sweetwater for the Shale Show on Wednesday afternoon. Bush, who is a candidate for Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, is the founding partner of St. Augustine Partners, LLC, of Fort Worth. Bush briefly touched on two areas he feels need the most improvement in the state of Texas - education and energy. He explained that, as Texans, we can do a better job in education. "We need to raise our standards," said Bush. A former public school teacher, Bush said "I'm used to making lesson plans for school. I have a lesson plan for Land Commissioner. We have a shortage of workers in the energy industry. We need to fill those positions with educated citizens."Speaking about energy and Texas, Bush said, "Texas can lead the country and the world in energy production. I think we need more small business owners in public office instead of elected bureaucrats. They aren't helpful. And we need to fight back against the overreach of the federal government."