GMP for County Jail and Sheriff’s Office discussed at special County Commissioners meeting

A special-called meeting of the Nolan County Commissioners was held on Monday so that discussion could be held on the GMP (guaranteed maximum price) for county jail and sheriff's office projects.At last week's meeting, 100% of the construction documents were presented with lengthy discussion taking place to determine items to be altered in a way which would lower the GMP without compromising the quality of the building. The meeting on the 12th concluded with the total cost standing $964,000 over, and the contractor and architect were asked to return with a final plan to bring costs down.On Monday, some solutions were presented, such as changing the funding to subcontractors. In addition, some value engineering (VE) items had not been accepted yet, which would also play a role in the price.The commissioners also offered to do some of the hauling and dirt work involved with site preparation. However, the amount that this would save is unknown at the moment.With three major items considered--which dealt with the CMU (concrete masonry unit), the stone, and amendments to the parking lot, a reduction of $310,000 would be seen, bringing the project $654,000 over budget.Discussion was held on the parking lot, and how the county could assist in this aspect, which would take place during the last 20% of the project. Changes would be made on the sizes of the CMU on the building as well as the stone, which would result in savings, although the result is still a total over budget.As far as the amendments to the funding for subcontractors, the county would be safe. Turner Construction would be placing themselves on the line in case a subcontractor failed to perform for some reason.With the date of the courthouse pushed back for completion in either February or March as part of the agreement in cutting jail costs, the question was raised as to the start date for construction of the jail and sheriff's offices. Once the GMP is approved, the project would start 30 days later, tentatively around mid-September or the first part of October.Following the discussion, the commissioners met in a closed, executive session for around 40 minutes. Upon reconvening the meeting, it was determined to accept the amount of $10,492,047--which is $656,924 over budget.And in the interest of clarity, Turner will present the commissioners with a complete list of the value engineering and other changes to the original plans sometime Tuesday.With the 100% construction documents and the amended GMP included--should the number be accepted at the next meeting held on Monday, August 26, work would begin 30 days from that point. While people would be on site examining the area before that date, work would begin following the 30-day period.An additional question was raised as to whether the jail and sheriff's office construction would see the same type of delays like the courthouse construction. Due to the fact that the courthouse was a renovation, the jail and sheriff's office project is expected to be completed within the estimated 13 to 14 month time frame.The document outlining the changes--which brought the project from a $2 million overrun to $656,924--is expected to be prepared and sent to the county sometime Tuesday afternoon in order for the commissioners to have a chance to look over it prior to the August 26 meeting. Terry Locklar, county commissioner for Precinct 2, stated that although the county is not too happy with the situation and they felt like they are compromising, they appreciate the work done by the company in making some cost reductions.