"In God We Trust" decals to be distributed on Saturday

Belinda Serrano
Staff Writer

On Saturday, one local family is joining in on a statewide trend that has garnered some national attention.
Joanna McCann and her husband Rob, along with members of the Sweetwater Jaycees, will be stationed at the Jaycee Barn, located on 307 W. 4th Street, on Saturday, Oct. 17 at 10 a.m. to place "In God We Trust" decals on vehicles. The phrase recently began appeared on the patrol cars of several police departments throughout Texas.
One of those departments was the Childress Police Department, in which Childress Police Chief Adrian Garcia told an out-of-state group that opposed the decals to "go fly a kite." And in Paducah, Texas, Chief Roy Rodriguez created his own set of decals to distribute within his community.
McCann, a longtime friend of Rodriguez, reached out to him and was sent two decals. After placing the sticker on her vehicle, McCann posted a photo on Facebook.
"It exploded," she said. "People were commenting on how they wanted one."
After discussing it with her husband, they decided to bring the idea to Sweetwater and partnered with three local families--Sweetwater residents John and Janie Juarez and Gene and Jan Bartlett, along with Charlie and Norma Meek of Roby--to order 300 decals to give away. She added that if any donations were received, the money would go back into purchasing more decals.
"Our goal in this is to make sure we show our love and support to our officers and families, and to show our love for God," said McCann.
The McCanns will be at the Jaycee Barn on Saturday until all decals are given away.