GP, Wal-Mart donate to BCMRC

The Georgia Pacific Sweetwater plant recently donated $1,200 to the Big Country Medical Reserve Corps. The BCMRC is a group of medically trained volunteers who provide medical and public health assistance to the community. The BCMRC is part of a nationwide network of local community volunteers with medical training and support personnel who work with such entities as police and fire departments, city and county governments, health departments, hospitals and medical schools to improve public health and ensure preparedness for and respond to medical emergencies. The BCMRC now includes more than 40 physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dentists, mental health professionals and veterinarians as well as many essential non-medical volunteers. Also, the Wal-Mart Foundation and Facility #3381 selected the Big Country Medical Reserve Corps to receive a grant through the Local Community Contribution/Hunger Outreach Grant Program in the amount of $1,000. “We believe that the organization is doing important work to the communities they serve, and we are proud that we are able to support them in their efforts. We thank them for the work their organization does to create opportunities so people can live better,” said Wal-Mart representatives.Shown are Jimmie Kingston, Georgia Pacific plant manager in Sweetwater and BCMRC members Joan Smola, Lita McEachern, Andy Higdon, Carol Higdon, Joni Coons, Jack Lawrence, Ann McCarthy, Dr. Jerry Smola, Charles Roberson and Ray Browning.