Grant to repair damaged county roads discussed

Nolan County Commissioners met Monday morning to discuss several issues involving the courthouse and Nolan County. The commissioners voted on and approved the re-instatement of the burn ban throughout the county, due to recent dry conditions.Jeremy Meeks with Innovative Business Solutions of Abilene, a Xerox authorized Platinum Sales Agency, gave a proposal to upgrade copy machines in several departments. The Nolan County Courthouse is currently on their third year of a five year lease with Xerox. Meeks has been working with County Clerk Pat McGowan since January to resolve the issues with the copier in her office. Despite McGowan's copier being the only faulty machine, Meeks proposed two options to replace several copiers in the building. Option one would see four departments upgraded to the 4250 model series and five departments upgraded to the 5800 model series. Option two would upgrade all departments with the latest 5800 model series โ€” a faster, more reliable model than what is currently used.Commissioners Terry Locklar and Tommy White expressed concern about McGowan's copier continuing to have problems โ€” even after numerous service calls to fix it โ€” and questioned whether it was necessary to upgrade the copiers in other departments if they are in working order.Meeks then proposed Xerox's Total Satisfaction Guarantee, which offers a no cost replacement on equipment that is not working properly. The replacement equipment, however, would be the same model series currently in use and is not guaranteed to be new. Meeks went on to explain that a new copier could be obtained for McGowan's office, but it would require a new five-year contract, which is not an option the commissioners are willing to take, considering the current problems. County Attorney Lisa Peterson spoke at the meeting about statewide Senate Bill 1747. The bill is a matching grant program to cover the damage done to county roads by oil field trucks. Peterson stressed the competitiveness of the grants and the limited funds available. She then explained the grant application process, which requires road reports to be filled out by county commissioners. Also, all damage on county roads must be proven to be caused by oil field truck traffic. Peterson made it clear that she doesn't have the knowledge for this endeavor and suggested the help of Charles Kimbrough with Bickerstaff, Heath et al, who has experience in these matters. The commissioners were in agreement that it would be beneficial to contact Mr. Kimbrough.Peterson also spoke with the commissioners about possible county subdivision regulations pertaining to Cline Shale activity in the area. Commissioner Terry Locklar mentioned that he has spoken to other counties about these regulations. According to Locklar, the counties that have adopted regulations say it is a good idea, despite the headache. The commissioners decided to take the regulations into consideration.In addition, the meeting minutes from June 24 were approved. Reports were received from the Welfare Office for the months of May and June.