Grants discussed at hospital board meeting

The Hospital Administrator's report was given during Monday night's meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District, held at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH).Donna Boatright discussed two different grants, one of which was recently awarded to RPMH. The hospital was informed last week that they received a $50,000 capital improvement loan fund/grant, which will be used toward the construction of the new medical offices.In addition, an application was submitted for a solar grant, after being informed about the funding by McKinstry, the company overseeing the construction on campus.Any news on the grant is anticipated to be given by the end of April. If the hospital is a recipient of the grant, it would total around $300,000 and would supply most of the power for the new office building. The final item discussed was the sponsorship of a medical student, who is in his first year of medical school. The recipient is a graduate of Texas Tech University and also served in the military prior to entering medical school.The hospital has sponsored students in the past and continues to do so, in which financial assistance is given with an obligation to work in Sweetwater upon the completion of medical school. Boatright called the sponsorship a "good investment" to the community--as the recipient plans on working in family practice--and hopes to introduce the student to the board at a future meeting.