Gun free zones can be fatal

Because the main stream media mostly ignores murders involving small numbers of people (unless that is, the murdered people, or person, were/was killed with an "assault rifle" or, barring that the dead person is a teenager who reminds The Barack of what his mythical son would have looked like), this week I wanted to talk about something that happened in the community I live in. While definitely newsworthy, I seriously doubt it will make the national news, or for that matter even the news in the nearest large media market. I don't know what the minimum number of fatalities is before Senator Feinstein (what a ghoul) becomes interested, but I'm sure the body count in this instance won't be high enough to attract her. On Christmas day, in the town I live in, a local woman was at home with her two children when her ex-boyfriend, who was reportedly shouting death threats at her, started breaking into her home. Luckily, when he realized the city police had been called, he fled before he could do any injury to her or her children. Additionally, either because he had fled, or maybe it was because there wasn't enough to hold him, he was not arrested and detained (I'm not clear about whether or not the police caught up with him Christmas evening).According to local media reports in the days following this incident, the ex-boyfriend had a criminal record which contained two arrests for aggravated assault. Not only that but it has also been reported that the police had been called by the woman up to a dozen times because of the ex-boyfriends aggressive behavior. Sadly, even though the boyfriend left or was driven away from the house on Christmas evening (doesn't all of this sound like a great way to spend Christmas?), he came back sometime in the early morning hours after midnight.So, according to media reports, what we have is a single mother (don't forget, the left normally deifies single mothers) at home with her two children. Reportedly, one of those children was sixteen years old and the other was an infant. Instead of her and her kids enjoying a peaceful Christmas together and then going to bed in their own home in safety and comfort, they had a day that could probably be best described as "tumultuous". Then later that night, they were awakened by the ex-boyfriend breaking into their home with murderous intent. Since reports say he had already told her he was going to kill her, there couldn't have been a lot of doubt in their minds about his intentions when he got inside the house. When these poor people woke to find the man already inside the house, they had to know what was coming.How many stories like this have all of us heard or read about? We all know how this ends; the ex-boyfriend kills the mother and then the children, or kills the children and then the mother. Either way, it's a horrible death for all concerned and it always happens before the police can get there to protect the family. Apparently the police had protected her and her kids many times before, but in a case like this, not being quite quick enough one time will be one time too many.Often after a horrific event like this, the local community will come together, and sometimes a small "shrine" will be created. This will be a place where people can come to light candles, leave commemorative items, pray, commiserate with friends and relatives of the deceased, and just generally express regret and outrage at the events that led to the untimely deaths of the victims. Sadly, while I think all of that shows a caring community, it of course does nothing to bring the murdered people back, or even prevent similar episodes in the future.But guess what? It didn't quite go that way this time around. The usual end to this kind of event didn't happen. And you know why? Because the woman in question had armed herself with a gun (I assume it was a handgun, but since reports I have seen and heard have not been clear about that, it could have been a rifle of some kind). When she found herself and her children being assaulted in the middle of the night, in her own home, by someone who had clearly stated his intent to kill her, she used that gun to shoot him, and the attack was stopped.Fortunately for her, and our local community, instead of her family becoming another sad crime statistic (and commentary on our society) she had the foresight to avail herself of her second amendment rights. Now, instead of our community lamenting that her children had their futures cut short, they are still with us. Because their mom was willing and able to defend them, her children still have both their mother and their lives.Oh, by the way, when the police showed up, they didn't have any trouble finding the suspect, since he was collapsed in the front yard.Before I go on, for those of you that may have the idea that I don't have enough sympathy for the man who was shot, all of this was by his choice. This wasn't a "heat of the moment", emotional event that "got out of hand". You don't show up at someone's house in the middle of the night, after being chased away by the police, by accident. All that would have had to happen for this shooting to not take place would have been for the ex-boyfriend to just not come back, break into the home, and try to kill his ex. Seems simple enough to me. The local police made a point of stating that the gun this woman used to defend herself was legally owned. Because gun laws are much stricter in places like Washington D.C. and Chicago, I have to wonder how this story would have worked out in those bastions of progressiveness. Actually, I don't have to wonder about that, anything which would have prevented this woman from acquiring the weapon she used would have prevented her from successfully defending her family.Dianne Feinstein, who seems to be drawn to large numbers of deaths (something like a vulture), and other leftists are out on the speaking circuit right now campaigning for stricter, or more, gun control. While at the moment they are somewhat content mainly discussing "assault weapons" (which by the way is a misleading, incorrectly applied term), I think their real goal is the total elimination of second amendment rights. In the minds of people like Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama, Charles Schumer, Joe Biden, and others, a better United States of America would be a place where the woman I wrote about above would not have been able to defend herself.The mainstream media makes sure we hear plenty of news concerning guns and how badly they are used. However, instances where people use guns to defend themselves and others seem to get very little notice. Stories where guns save lives seldom, if ever, seem to make the national media. This isn't because those stories aren't newsworthy, they are. It's because the main stream media is firmly in the gun control camp.Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at