"Hailey's Angels" end search efforts after uprising at appreciation dinner

Freda Radcliff is one of "Hailey's Angels," a group of six who organized a volunteer appreciation dinner this weekend for search crews combing through the fields for the missing Colorado City teen."We weren't appreciated for what we tried to do for them," said Radcliff.Radcliff says there's only one way to describe it."A big fiasco," she said.The culprit, a video created by "Hailey's Angels" that chronicled search efforts from the 13-year old's disappearance to now."They showed me, Clint, our family, little kids who were there, video of where they go to search in these ugly fields and these ugly creeks for our baby," said Billie Dunn, Hailey's mother.Hailey's mother says for her, the hour-long video tribute stirred some negative emotions. She did not like how her daughter's story was presented."We're hoping to find Hailey alive," Dunn said, "that's what we want, we don't want to be associated with that."Volunteers say a search crew member trained by one national agency asked "Hailey's Angels" to turn off the video halfway through."We will never do anything like that again," said Radcliff."Although it was mostly 'Klaaskids' and 'Team Amber' that showed up they weren't recognized at all," said Dunn.Dunn says she knows that "Hailey's Angels" maintain Hailey's bridge in Dunn, Texas everyday, but says the feeling she got at the appreciation dinner made her uneasy."They are hoping that Shawn [Adkins] did something horrible to Hailey," said Dunn, "and that they're going to prove it, and prove it to me.""We are not out here for Billie Jean," said Radcliff, "we are out here for Hailey, always have been and for nobody else."Radcliff and the rest of "Hailey's Angels" say they wish everyone luck, but for now..."As for our search efforts, we're finished," she said.After 8-weeks of searching everyday, Radcliff says it's time to get back to their own lives.While "Hailey's Angels" are no longer searching the area, trained volunteers with national search agencies like Klaaskids, The Laura Recovery Center, and Team Amber will help lead search parties every Friday and Saturday.