Hall elected Nolan County Court at Law Judge

A total of 3,548 ballots were cast in Nolan County including mail in, early voting and ballots cast on Election Day. Many residents entered straight party votes including 652 for the Republican Party, 408 for the Democratic Party, 18 for the Libertarian Party and two for the Green Party.There were four contested races locally in the 2010 election. David C. Hall (Rep) was elected the new County Court at Law Judge with 1,910 votes, defeating current judge Gary Harger (Dem) who received 1,587 votes. Tim Fambrough (Dem) will remain the Nolan County Judge, receiving 1,979 votes, defeating Peter M. Lopez (Rep) with 1,526 votes. Tony Lara (Dem) will remain the County Commissioner for Precinct 4 with 341 votes, defeating Sam Baker (Rep) with 195 votes. In a very close race, Patti Neill (Dem) will remain the District Clerk with 1,762 votes, defeating Connie M. Jamison (Rep) with 1,707 votes.Also receiving votes locally were Pat McGowan (Dem) for County Clerk receiving 2,716 votes, Gayle Biggerstaff (Dem) for County Treasurer with 2, 715 votes, Stanley Morris (Dem) for County Surveyor with 2,585 votes, Terry Locklar (Dem) for County Commissioner of Precinct 2 with 1,071 votes and Sharon Gardner (Dem) for Justice of the Peace with 2,711 votes.The following are Nolan County results for State Elections:United State Representative, District 11: Mike Conaway (Rep) 1,861; James Quillian (Dem) 649; James A. Powell (Lib) 113; Jim Howe (Grn) 31.United State Representative, District 19: Randy Neugebauer (Rep) 550; Andy Wilson (Dem) 136; Richard "Chip" Peterson (Lib) 23.Governor: Rick Perry (Rep) 2,104; Bill White (Dem) 1,235; Kathie Glass (Lib) 108; Deb Shafto (Grn) 21.Lieutenant Governor: David Dewhurst (Rep) 2,396; Linda Chavez-Thompson (Dem) 846; Scott Jameson (Lib) 130; Herb Gonzales, Jr. (Grn) 38.Attorney General: Greg Abbott (Rep) 2,516; Barbara Ann Radnofsky (Dem) 761; Jon Roland (Lib), 112.Comptroller of Public Accounts: Susan Combs (Rep) 2,666; Mary J. Ruwart (Lib) 291; Edward Lidsey (Grn) 115.Commissioner of the General Land Office: Jerry Patterson (Rep) 2,329; Hector Uribe (Dem) 824; James A. Holdar (Lib) 149.Commissioner of Agriculture: Todd Staples (Rep) 2,143; Hank Gilbert (Dem) 980; Rick Donaldson (Lib) 173.Railroad Commissioner: David Porter (Rep) 2,129; Jeff Weems (Dem) 944; Roger Gary (Lib) 131; Art Browning (Lib) 69.Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3: Debra Lehrmann (Rep) 2,020; Jim Sharp (Dem) 1,123; William Bryan Strange III (Lib) 121.Justice, Supreme Court, Place 5: Paul Green (Rep) 2,098; Bill Moody (Dem) 1,014; Tom Oxford (Lib) 138.Justice, Supreme Court, Place 9: Eva Guzman (Rep) 1,960; Blake Bailey (Dem) 1,046; Jack Armstrong (Lib) 248.Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2: Lawrence "Larry" Meyers (Rep) 2,377; J. Randell Stevens (Lib) 569.Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5: Cheryl Johnson (Rep) 2,387; Dave Howard (Lib) 556.Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6: Michael E. Keasler (Rep) 2,073; Keith Hampton (Dem) 998; Robert Ravee Virasin (Lib) 137.Member, State Board of Education, District 15: Bob Craig (Rep) 2,463; John Pekowski (Lib) 489.State Representative, District 71: Susan L. King (Rep) 2,761; Fred Jones (Lib) 449.Justice, 11th Court of Appeals, District, Place 3: Terry McCall (Rep) 2,640.