The hand is quicker than the eye

I see that The Barack has been crowned “the first gay president”. I guess it’s only fair, after all, Bill Clinton still seems to think of himself as the first black president. How frustrating it must be for The Barack to be the first black person elected to the office of President, only to find out that the hick husband of his Secretary of State stole some of the thunder for being the first black President.It would seem that The Barack had to hunt around a little to find something he could claim all for himself. In fact, if you go with the “reports” from the main stream media (something I don’t generally recommend), it would seem he was actually pushed into supporting gay marriage and thus being crowned the First Gay President, by none other than, drum roll please, Joe Biden. Now, if there was ever an enlightened person in the current administration who is shining the light of justice and freedom for all to follow, it ain’t Joe Biden.To sum up, Joe Biden, who is well known for all kinds of political gaffes, has apparently “pushed” The Barack into “coming out of the closet” with his open support of gay marriage. At least that’s the way the main stream media is reporting and spinning it.That theory sounds rational if what we were talking about was a reasonable, normal group of people. However; Joe Biden is constantly saying or proposing preposterous things which seem to be contrary to what the administration wants. In fact, a lot of the drivel that comes from Joe Biden doesn’t seem to make much sense to anybody, administration wonk or otherwise. So if pretty much every thinking person in the United States is used to hearing Biden shoot his mouth off, why would anybody get the idea that The Obama has to suddenly declare open support for gay marriage just because old Joe said so?While I’m certainly not the only person asking questions along these lines, the few others I’ve noticed seem to be more curious about the timing of The Obama’s coming out than his actual sudden support of gay marriage. The thinking among this group appears to be along the lines of “this was something the administration was going to do, but probably they meant to do it much closer to the election.”Again, at least among the group I just described, the opinion seems to be that Joe Biden didn’t actually push The Obama into something he wasn’t going to do, old Joe just kicked it off early. Once again, I will point out that the present administration, and indeed anybody who has ever had dealings with old Joe, has plenty of practice deflecting episodes of “mis-speaking” emanating from the direction of Joe Biden. If you will recall, at one point Biden was running around telling people that if we (the American taxpayer) didn’t fork over a few more billion dollars to him and The Barack, there were about to be a lot more rapes and murders. I didn’t notice The Barack mobilizing the National Guard to control all the hooligans who were about to commit all of these crimes just because “Joe said so”. In fact, I didn’t notice any White House reaction to these particular “Joe flavored” comments at all. By the way, that lack of reaction also extended to not telling him to knock it off. Personally, I think the administration uses, or doesn’t use as the case may be, Joe Biden’s remarks precisely because he is so prone to outrageous, off the cuff remarks that really don’t pertain to anything at all. Joe’s (well) known propensity for littering the speaking trail with the verbal equivalent of the bottom of a bird cage makes him the administrations “crazy uncle” who nobody really needs to pay any attention to. In my book Obamageddon, I more or less said the reason Obama selected Biden was because Joe is such a buffoon that his (Biden’s) best efforts would not rise to being beneficial to the U.S.Since the combined efforts of the duo in the White House haven’t produced any results which make me doubt what I originally wrote, I still have the same opinion. I do think that since the election, The Obama has discovered how useful it is to have a crazy uncle running around drawing attention away from what is actually happening. Say, do you suppose that at the Biden family get togethers, when Joe Biden speaks his nieces and nephews look at each other and shake their heads?Unlike most people, I don’t think there is anything accidental, or poorly timed about The Barack coming out in support of gay marriage. After all, as I’ve just discussed, if The Barack wasn’t ready for this, or didn’t want to do it, it would have been simplicity itself for him or (White House spokesperson) Jay Carney to say something along the lines of “Well, you know old Joe gets carried away sometimes”. In a week or so, the hubbub of Joe Biden’s latest (among many) verbal gaffe would have died off and been as good as forgotten. The main stream media sure wouldn’t have dwelt on it. Instead, what we are being led to believe is that Old Joe’s (totally unplanned, unanticipated, and unprepared) remarks have drug The Obama out of the closet kicking and screaming. Despite what we are being told, I seriously doubt this version is correct.I think that this is one of the many instances where Joe Biden went out and said exactly what he was told to say, right when he was supposed to. I too wonder about the timing, but not because of the Presidential campaign. What I have noticed in the current administration is that they are very good at drawing a lot of attention to a small, or even non-issue, while doing something else entirely. As far as I’m concerned, this is precisely the same kind of thing The Barack did with the birth certificate issue. Did anybody seriously doubt that The Barack would eventually produce some kind of birth certificate? Did everybody notice that he kept that issue in front of the public as a red flag for a couple of years? Even now, this particular (birth certificate) issue still comes up, and it’s always a distraction. What all of the publicity and hype about The Obama coming out in favor of gay marriage makes me wonder is why, and especially why now? While The Barack is wiggling his fingers in the direction of matrimony for gays, what pray tell, is that other hand up to behind his back?Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at