Hastings, more changes than just the interior

Hastings Entertainment in Sweetwater has not only made some changes on the inside — they have some great events arriving visually for the readers and musically for those music listeners.Speaking with Thomas Jowers, manager of the Hastings located at 1102 E. Broadway, he has arrived to the Sweetwater Hastings with many new ideas. He welcomes local artists of all kinds. Jowers wants to get all of the community involved with Hastings events. From children's Easter egg hunts, to cartoon character events, and much more for families and adults.Jowers had been with the Abilene Hastings location for over six months, and was asked if he liked the store in Sweetwater. The next thing he knew he was handed the keys as manager of the Hastings here locally. Jowers has been with Hastings Entertainment, Inc. ever since August of 2010. Before that, he was working for Sears.Jowers says he wants to bring the community together. "What better way to do that, than to have the authors of the books we sell here at the store show up and autograph their book for the customers who come in to purchase it," said Jowers.Within the next few weeks, Jowers has scheduled guest authors, Harvey Tingle, Tom Turner, Stan Johnson, Travis Monday, as well as Clifford Etheredge arriving for book signings."Same goes for the musicians' CDs that we sell," said Jowers. Jowers already has some guest musicians coming to Sweetwater the next couple of weekends approaching. Such names as Seth Candan, Corey Bivens Band and many more in the very near future will be arriving at Hastings.Jowers was able to locate in the Sweetwater Hastings office history notebooks of musicians who have attended five to six years ago before at the store. So he picked up the phone and started calling them to come back to Sweetwater. He said, "That is all it takes. Just a phone call. The worst they could say is no."One of Jowers' other goals is to refill the "Wall of Fame," as one might see it. It's located just above the magazine area, on the upper wall. This is where he'd like to have autographed pictures of the musicians and authors who come to visit the store.Other changes that have occurred inside of the Hastings are cosmetic in nature. They removed the coffee area, and converted it into a larger magazine selection. Jowers said, "We now have the largest book and magazine selection in town."Just last week they have enlarged their video game area to include TV screens with each game system, so customers may try out a game before purchasing it. Also, they now have full department managers in each area of product, which helps keep a handle on all department inventories and better selections of all interests for the customers.Jowers noted, "We have the largest Blu-ray selection. Within the next 90 days we hope to be increasing our new releases and movie rental quantity, not to mention an increase of different movie selections."To top things off even more, Hastings will be in the Rattlesnake Round-Up parade, as well as having activities for all to enjoy during the Rattlesnake Round-Up at the store location. They will also have a booth located at the Rattlesnake Round-Up event area.If you'd like more information to see who is arriving to Hastings, check out your local Community Calendar in the Sweetwater Reporter, or just go visit the updated Hastings. If you are a local musician or artist and would be interested in displaying or performing at Hastings, contact Jowers at 325-236-9422.