Have you thanked a school board member lately?

Most people never wonder, let alone ask out loud, why local school board members are willing to give so much of their time and energy to their community.Public school board members are those dedicated few who are elected to represent an entire community’s education values. The beauty of public education is that its opportunities are open to everyone, and it’s up to those who lead the schools to ensure all students are given everything they need to achieve and succeed. Among those leaders, school board members stand out. Putting in long hours and working for no pay, these dedicated public servants strive day in and day out to preserve the dream of public education.School Board Recognition Month—observed each January—honors that dedication in Texas. Districts and communities across the state and nation organize activities, special events and celebrations to recognize the important contributions of their school board members.At a time when we face difficult choices over budgetary priorities, a commitment to education and to children must stand absolutely firm. We have a sacred obligation to put our children’s needs first and to make the essential investments that will help them succeed in our increasingly complex society.America’s school boards help lead the way in this endeavor. By setting high expectations for student achievement, supporting successful teaching and learning and linking schools with their communities, trustees empower students with the knowledge and skills they need to become productive, responsible citizens.Take a moment to thank a school board member for caring about the future of our children.Serving Sweetwater ISD are Ginny Mayes (22 years), Russ Petty (9 years), Becky Jimenez (7 years), Mark Meneses (3 years), Leah Andrews (2 years) and Neal Hoover (2 years).