The Heat Is On


As the old song lyric goes, “The heat is on”. This is not only the case in Texas, but all over the country. Whether or not this is global warming or global scorching, it is especially hot in Sweetwater.
The dog days of summer are here and they are barking. Loud.
Heat advisories are continuing throughout the weekend. With temperatures heading towards 105 and up, just going outside can be hazardous to one’s health. The average temperature for West Texas in July is around 95.
Monday’s temperature is predicted to be 107.
For those fortunate enough to have a pool, an air-conditioner or a central air unit, it just means a pricier than normal electric bill.
But for those without, the oppressive heat can be detrimental to one’s health. For children, seniors and those with medical conditions, it could mean a trip to the ER or even worse.
As the temperatures continue to rise with no relief in sight, it is important to think cool. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself cool. The first is a no-brainer: Keep hydrated. Drink cold and think cold. Heat exhaustion can sneak upon people without warning.

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