The High Cost of “Victory”

Boy, we sure have the left and their progressive federal kingdom on the ropes now. They are still reeling from the stunning defeat we handed them over making Catholic institutions pay for their employee’s contraception. In fact, the liberals got the message so clearly that they are now licking their wounds and only instituting a few minor changes in our society here and there.Would you like to know what The Obama has been reduced to now? After the administration had to "pull back" and change the policy that would have made the Catholic Church pay for something the church has been diametrically opposed to for a couple of millennia, they decided to institute a little bit of a different policy.Before we go on, how do you feel about abortions? I have to say that I find the abortion issue to be the hottest possible political topic. Any time you want to start an argument in a group of people, just start talking about abortion and you will find out that strong feelings on this subject (on both sides of the issue) are the norm, not the exception. By the way, The Obama has made his feelings about abortions perfectly clear. Not only has he been an ardent supporter of the practice, but it is one of the very few things that he feels strongly enough about to actually have a record on. Can you guess what that record is? He not only believes in abortion right up to the last minute, but also doesn't seem to mind killing off the odd child that was intended to be a "successful" abortion who still managed to survive long enough to be born.I guess more importantly to the subject today, how do you feel about paying for abortions? Even more specifically, other people’s abortions. Health and Human Services Secretary (which I will remind you is a cabinet level post, meaning she works directly for, and reports to, The Obama) Kathleen Sebelius has enacted, and not very long after the administration "backed down" on their policy of making Catholics finance and furnish contraception, a new abortion financing scheme that will have you paying for abortions. Say, do you suppose that The Barack doesn't know what Mrs. (Ms.?) Sebelius is up to? I mean maybe it's possible that the secretary of energy just managed to inform Obama a couple of weeks ago that more drilling for oil and utilization of coal really would make us energy independent. Or maybe the other cabinet members got together and went to Obama en masse and said "look, the department of education is a total failure, embarrassment, waste of money and frankly, we think it needs to go". I'm sure either of those pieces of information would be a total shock to The Barack and could quite possibly distract him from the fact that his Secretary of Health and Human Services is running around arranging funding for, and thus provision of, abortions on a federal scale.Actually, as amusing as it is to look at the current administration as a confused bunch of bunglers, that is a much more charitable view than the reality. There is no way that our current leader doesn't have enough information to realize we can be energy independent, do away with the Department of Education and immediately improve the education of our children, and most importantly, that Kathleen Sebelius is streamlining the abortion process. As I said The Obama's record on abortions is clear, and if there is anything his cabinet is up to that he is personally involved in, it will be this particular issue. Obama seems to be so pro abortion that I wonder if he would be willing to perform them personally if that's what it took to keep abortion available. I can see it now, "The Barack Obama Federal Abortion Clinic, no waiting, no paying, and most of all, no parental consent".One thing that I do have to wonder, if secretary Sebelius is so pro abortion, does she sit around and daydream about how nice it would have been if she herself had been aborted? If her mother is still alive, does she have discussions with her mom centered around chastising her mother for not aborting her before she was born? If she does have those conversations with her mother, has her mom come around to the point of view that maybe in this one instance, an abortion would have made the world a better place? Does this kind of talk make her mother really mad to the point where she says "if you will hand me that baseball bat, I'm about to perform a very late term abortion"? Ah, but as much fun as it is to use circular logic when discussing the left and liberal policies, I digress.Stopping the Obama administration from forcing Catholic institutions into paying for contraception loses its luster when you realize the effect of the latest "progressive" policy instated by that same administration. Instead of the Catholic Church funding contraceptives, now we have millions of unnamed, unknown, and fairly powerless (individually) Catholics being forced to finance, thus contributing to the number of, abortions. Not only that, but the rest of us, regardless of how we do or don't feel about abortions, get to pitch in on that financing with them. Where is the public outcry on this issue? Why has the Vatican not weighed in? While I (and a lot of others) write about this administration as if they are idiots, the fact is they are political masters who are very smart about how they accomplish idiotic things. Having us use up political capitol and energy on smaller issues such as contraceptives as a shield to enacting what they really want (taxpayer funded, government furnished abortions) is such an adept political move that Machiavelli himself would be in awe.The way all of this was accomplished was not happenstance, accidental, or lucky (for the left) timing. The careful planning and timing of what just happened shows that it was not only intentional, but well planned out.The question is, what other plans and schemes are in the works for us? Additionally, have you noticed that the biggest problem we face (economically), the huge, growing national debt has been driven to the bottom of the news list? Since this is the biggest albatross around the Obama's neck, it makes me wonder if the administration is sacrificing the principles of many Americans simply to draw attention away from something they would rather not discuss.Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at