Highland Heights helping Samaritans

Highland Heights United Methodist Church recently consecrated a collection of items for the “Samaritan Hospitality House” located in Colorado City. It ministers to families who are visiting loved ones incarcerated in local prisons. With a homelike atmosphere, the “House” provides weekend lodging for family members during their stay free of charge. A field trip is scheduled Friday, November 19th, to deliver the collection. Congregational members are pictured above holding samples of collected items. Individuals listed in random order are Lela Hatter, Andrea Beall, Jo Whitfield, Jenene and Doug Taylor, Lisa Peterson, Rusty Allen, AdaBelle Clark, Brenda Alexander, Nelda and Melvin Walker, Pastor Chris Rodriguez, Faye Parsons, Helen Rowlett, Mac and Donna Axe, Betty Bryant, Delaine Bailey and Oddie B. Williams.