Highland seeking a breakthrough vs. another rugged foe

Highland’s 0-3 start this season is a bit deceiving, as two losses have been by a total of nine points. And it won’t get any easier as the Hornets face 3-0 Sands at home this Friday.But the games that really count aren’t here yet, and coach Jeff Shelton is still confident in his team.“One thing the kids in Highland have always been good about is looking at the big picture,” Shelton said. “They have the patience to see that we’re headed in the right direction, in spite of the fact that we aren’t getting the final results on the scoreboard that we’d like. Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to. Sometimes you just have to keep working and have faith that the results you want will come.”And having twice come so close — Highland lost 72-66 to unbeaten Loraine this past week — Shelton has no reason not to remain positive. “We saw improvement (last week) on both sides of the ball,” he said. “Our line played very well overall on both offense and defense. We had some fumbles on base plays that we need to get corrected and some missed tackles in the open field, but other than that we saw the positive progress that we were looking for. With some personnel shifts on offense I think it hurt our timing a bit, but we’ll rep that and get is corrected.”Sands won 92-86 over Grady last Friday. “They’ve beaten some good teams,” Shelton said. “The key to getting a win will be to limit our mistakes, especially turnovers, and take pride on the defensive side of the ball to execute our scheme.”