Historic Book Review Club members discuss literary thriller

Joseph Grant
Staff Writer

Every month since the 1930’s, the Sweetwater Book Review Club has met to discuss everything regarding books and literature. They continue to meet monthly in the Sweetwater-Nolan County Library.
Under the guidance of the club’s president, Jeanne Lee, the Sweetwater Book Review Club came together for their monthly meeting Thursday to discuss a literary thriller; “The Lady in Gold.”
Book Club member, Linda Linn stepped in to take over for the regular book reviewer who couldn’t attend.
“The Lady in Gold: The Extraordinary Tale of Gustav Klimt’s Masterpiece, Adele Bloch Bauer 1” by Anne-Marie O’Connor, published by Knopf in 2012, was the book chosen by Linn to be reviewed this month. It is the story of love, hate, anti-Semitism, Nazis, art repatriation and an elderly woman’s determination to have her family’s paintings rightfully returned.
The story would make for a great adventure novel had it not been for the fact that the story happens to be true.
Linn spoke glowingly of the acclaimed novel as she stood in front of painted depictions of L.C. Vinson, J.K. Richardson and Mrs. John J. Perry, all of whom who were involved in the growth of Sweetwater and its library.