Hochheim Prairie Insurance unveils new logo

In celebration of its upcoming 120 year anniversary, Hochheim Prairie Insurance unveiled a new corporate logo during its annual agent conference on Oct. 9 and 10 in San Antonio, Texas. The agent conference was attended by 225 representatives of agencies appointed with Hochheim Prairie Insurance across the state including Russell High from High Agency of Sweetwater."The new design proudly embraces the company's unique name, connecting it to 120 years of history and heritage. The addition of the lone star emphasizes the company's exclusively Texas focus," says Dave Talbert, president.Serving Texans since 1892, Hochheim Prairie Insurance is the state's second largest farm mutual insurance company. As a mutual insurance company, Hochheim Prairie's policyholders are also its owners. Families who insure their home with Hochheim Prairie become members of the association. Local representation of the members is accomplished through branches, which hold annual meetings across the state. The company annually returns thousands of dollars to its branches to benefit the community as the members see fit. For more information visit hpfm.com or Hochheim Prairie Insurance on Facebook.