Homeless man spreads awareness across America, stops in Sweetwater


A homeless man Georgie Cutright, age 42, made Sweetwater his home for over a week while passing through on his 2,500 plus mile journey on a sled. While being pulled by his two rescue Siberian Huskies, Sarah and Lobos, Cutright is on a mission to reach Venice Beach California. He started out in Knoxville Tennessee and been on the mission to reach his destination for 8 months now.
He stops in each town meeting new people and sharing his love.
“I’m relying solely on the kindness of others in hopes to write a book about my journey,” said Cutright.
“I do this for fun and to raise awareness for people like me - homeless, it brings joys to others, myself and my two rescue dogs. They love the attention.”
People go up to him constantly trying to pet his huskies and majority of the time offer him money. But Cutright says he turns it down a lot because he enjoys a kind conversation and a prayer instead.
It has been quite an experience for him and he has seen some of the kindness acts. He has been given temporary jobs while stopping in towns, and taken into homes for lodging.
“My support isn’t always just financially but mentally as well,” said Cutright.
Everything isn’t always a piece of cake he says as Cutright has had to deal with negativity along the way. Things have even thrown at him and his dogs, he’s been hit with a car and was even made it on Big Country Homepage as a bobcat tried to attack him and the dogs. He thought it was dead, but when he got closer, the cat, which wasn't your average housecat, jumped up and attacked his dogs,  The cat survived but was in a great deal of pain and was administered a tranquilizer shot by Abilene's Animal Control. Animal Control is currently unaware of anyone in the area able to rehabilitate the bobcat.
With the attention from his travels, He has been noticed by many news sources and has done over 70 interviews and made it on the front page of several newspapers telling about his story.
His dog Sarah ended up getting hurt on her foot so the stay in Sweetwater was extended longer than usual but he had to make sure that she was 100% healed before heading to the next town. Outright and his dogs were usually seen hanging out at a convenience store on Lamar and South Georgia Avenue.
His sled contains a lawn chair duck taped on a skateboard carrying an American Flag and the Texas Flag. He also has safety light reflectors, and a GoPro camera to record his journey,
“I have the Texas flag on here due to a request of a Texan so I thought why not represent Texas while passing through it.”
With being homeless and traveling on this journey, when asked how he got money he replied, “I’ve met so many people, kind people, I do have a Facebook and a go fund me page. Which the funds go to get the huskies dog food, treats and toys and sometimes lodging for us.”
His gofund me page is https://www.gofundme.com/q32227-rescue-huskies-spread-joy-across-us.
You can also keep up with Cutright, Sarah, and Lobos on his Facebook as he always posts pictures, updates and stories. His Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/georgie.cutright.