Hospital board approves bed, mattress purchases

The Nolan County Hospital District board approved the purchase of two items during their meeting on Monday evening held at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH).Rosa Best, the Chief Nursing Officer at RPMH, presented both of the items to the board. One Stryker birthing bed will now be purchased and will replace the current product, which is used by laboring mothers. The purchase totals $17,092 and comes in under the budgeted price.In addition, ten patient bed mattresses will be purchased in an effort to begin replacing the current, thinning mattresses in the Med/Surg Unit. Records indicated that the last time the mattresses were replaced was fifteen years ago.While the initial amount budgeted for the items will be spent, a smaller quantity will be bought so that a higher quality mattress can be purchased. The hospital plans on having all the mattresses replaced in the unit in the next few years by purchasing ten mattresses annually.Also during the meeting, the board approved the February 2013 financial statements, which were reviewed by department and as a whole. The accounts payable and payroll for the previous month were also approved, as well as the February 2013 bad debt write-off list.