Hospital construction continues

Construction is ongoing at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital with completion expected in the middle of June. According to Hospital Administrator Donna Boatright, the construction team is making good progress on the new doctors’ offices. Also in the building plans is a covered walkway connecting the new doctors’ offices to the hospital. Plans for the current doctors’ offices include having room to recruit more medical professionals, as well as expanding the cardiac rehabilitation facility.According to Project Manager, Mike Edwards with McKinstry, the new offices will be very energy and cost efficient.One of the features will be condensation collection from the air conditioning units that will go into an underground storage. That stored water will be then used for landscaping at the hospital, instead of city water being used.Edwards also stated that everything being installed, such as the windows, has a high efficiency rating, higher than Energy Star products. “We go a step beyond,” he said.Edwards says that the rooftop units will not just stay on, but will fluctuate, depending on the spaces that are in the building, as the building will be divided into 40 different zones. “If the unit sees a call for cooling, it will do so to where everything is evenly cooled.”“There will be lots of natural light in the new offices,” said Boatright. All exam rooms will have natural lighting, but also privacy, as the windows will be installed high. The planned atrium — to mirror the atrium in the emergency room — will have floor to ceiling windows as well.