Hospital discusses more renovations

During Monday night's meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District's board of directors, approval was given toward the reimbursement resolution from McKinstry. The meeting was held at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH).Should the board move forward with Phase 4 of the hospital renovations โ€” which includes, but is not limited to, work on the surgery, intensive care and obstetrics departments, the resolution allows the board to add the costs on planning with the bond issue. This cost of this tentative project is expected to not exceed $17 million.The banking resolution and authorized signatories for the following items were also updated and approved: the operating, payroll, employee benefit and cafeteria plan accounts from First Financial Bank; the reserve, physical therapy, I&S, and C/O funds from First Financial Trust; and the money markets from Texas National Bank and Roscoe State Bank.In other new business, the Home Health PI plan and HHAAS PI plan were both approved, while approval was also given to the infection control vulnerability risk analysis. Several finance items were also reviewed and approved during the meeting. Among the items were the September 2013 financial statements, the accounts payable and payroll for the previous month, and the bad debt write-off list for September 2013.Additionally, the fiscal year end 2013 report was approved and reviewed briefly, as a detailed report was given during the recent finance committee meeting. Two other reports, the quarterly reserve fund analysis report and physical therapy report, were both reviewed and approved as well.Furthermore, approval was given on the minutes from the previous meeting โ€” which included one amendment โ€” and the special-called meeting held on Sept. 23. And during the 90-minute executive session, discussion was held on personnel matters, along with the credentialing files and quality report. Once the meeting returned to open session, the latter two items were approved.