Hospital to upgrade IT equipment

The Nolan County Hospital District Board of Directors met for their regular meeting on Monday evening, August 27, 2012 at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH), in which the board approved a change to the hospital’s server room and upgrades to their IT equipment. While some quotes had already been received, the approval allowed for another quote to be obtained, in order to determine which bid comes in at or lower than the set limit.The number of servers in the current room has considerably grown from the two servers originally in place. Several changes in office spaces now allow for the new server room to be a climate-controlled area that can cool off the servers, which emit heat as they run.And because of the room change, which will be in close proximity to IT staff--an advantage of the transfer, an opportune time presents itself to upgrade the IT equipment. The equipment has not been upgraded in several years and as a result, some electrical work will need to take place. A variety of action items related to finance were also reviewed and approved at the meeting, such as the quarterly Reserve Fund and Physical Therapy Fund analysis reports. The financial statements, accounts payable and payroll, and the bad debt write-off list all from July 2012 were reviewed and approved by the board as well.Following a short executive session, the credentialing files and the quality reports were additionally approved. Approval was given to the minutes of the previous meeting, as well as the special-called board meeting held on August 6.In a brief Administrator’s Report, Donna Boatright, the hospital’s administrator, noted that RPMH was recognized as the number one contributor to the Nolan County United Way at the recent contributors’ luncheon. In addition, work continues on the budget and tax rate for the upcoming fiscal year.