ImmTrac is not just for children

As these series of articles comes to an end, the Sweetwater-Nolan County Health Department (SNCHD) cannot emphasis again how important vaccines are to prevent diseases and the importance of keeping track of the vaccines a person has received. In the last article, we discussed ImmTrac, the free Texas Immunization Registry; it is not just for children. We now can enter adults, too. This is a great tool. Adults and children can get a copy of their immunization record through any health care provider registered with ImmTrac or any health department in Texas. A person must sign ImmTrac consent before immunizations can be viewed in the system. A person can sign a consent form at any health department or a health care provider that is registered with ImmTrac or go to and download a consent form. Mail the consent form to Texas Department of State Health Services, Immunization Branch-Immtrac Group, MC1946, P.O. Box 149347, Austin, Texas 78714-9347. A person may withdraw consent anytime. The SNCHD strongly encourages First Responders and their family members to register. The Texas Health and Safety code defines A “First responder” as: any federal, state, local, or private personnel who may respond to a disaster, including: public health and public safety personnel; commissioned law enforcement personnel; fire protection personnel, including volunteer firefighters; emergency medical services personnel, including hospital emergency facility staff; a member of the National Guard; a member of the Texas State Guard; or any other worker who responds to a disaster in the worker's scope of employment; or any related personnel that provide support services during the prevention, response, and recovery phases of a disaster. The Texas Administrative code defines the “Immediate family member” as: The First Responder family member is the parent, spouse, child, or sibling of a person who resides in the same household.If you have any questions regarding immunizations or Immtrac, call the Sweetwater-Nolan County Health Department at 235-5463.