Insurances discussed at SISD board meeting

The Sweetwater ISD (Independent School District) Board of Trustees met for their monthly meeting on Thursday, in which action was taken on two different insurances for the district.For the first time in two years, bids were obtained on property and casualty insurance. The district is currently covered by TAPS (Texas Association of Public Schools) with blanket coverage, which means that in the instance coverage is needed, the insurance would cover the entire cost, even if the amount exceeds the appraised value.However, TAPS is changing to 120% margin coverage, in which only 120% of the appraised cost is covered. TAPS was one of the three bids obtained by the district for the property and casual insurance.Based on staff recommendations, the board approved to select the bid submitted by TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) Risk Management Fund. While the cost is about $5,000 higher than the current amount, they will be offering blanket coverage to the district.In addition, approval was given to renew the agreement with TASB for workers’ comp insurance. TASB was one of six bids obtained for this particular insurance.The district will be seeing about a savings of about $31,000 with the renewal, and the insurance will cover the 380 employees of SISD as well as substitute teachers. In other action items, two items were presented for delinquent tax lots bids, but only one--the bid from C.D. Trimble--met the minimum requirement and was approved.The consent agenda was also approved, which included the minutes of the May 20 meeting, the investment statement, and the financial statement and bills from May 2013.Additional approval was given for the following professional personnel changes: seven resignations, one retirement, eight new hires. And as part of the Superintendent’s Report, the board was informed of the five resignations, one retirement, five reassignments and three new hires in paraprofessional personnel.Also in the report, test scores were briefly reviewed by Assistant Superintendent Kathy Smartt, in which the district scores were compared to Region 14 and state averages. Overall the district fared well in comparison, although the test scores in writing proved to be a concern. For enrollment, the district reported 2,190 students as of June 4--a decrease of nine students from the previous month. However, 81 students were added to the district over the course of the school year.Furthermore, tax collections were reported at $7,383,392, or 97.35% for the M&O (Maintenance and Operations), and 97.41%, or $879,429, for the I&S (Interest and Sinking).The next regular meeting of the Sweetwater ISD Board of Trustees is scheduled for July 22.