Invasion of the moths

Sweetwater and the surrounding area has been "going buggy" with an increase of moths in the area.According to KTXS, the rise of the insects has been due in part to a succession of humidity, rain and extreme heat. From cars, homes and all over, the moths are known to hide in cracks and crevices. Bill Lewis with Lewis Pest Control said that the increase is also due in part to a number of types of moths--including cutworm moths--laying eggs. While they do not pose any kind of real threat, Lewis says that the "bothersome" pests are only of concern when taking part in outdoor events.However, he additionally noted that the increase in moth population will soon come to an end. KTXS also reported that with the oncoming warm weather and their short life cycles, the moth population will soon decrease and level off.The bugs, Lewis said, are drawn to lights but are more attracted to lights that contain mercury or neon rather than incandescent. In addition to changing light bulbs that will draw the bugs close, be sure to close all open windows, doors, etc. in order to avoid moths entering your home.