It’s official —Brian Frieda appointed new police chief

The appointment of Brian Frieda as Sweetwater Police Chief was approved by the City Commission on Tuesday morning, April 17, 2012 at a special-called meeting at City Hall.Prior to the vote, City Manager Eddie Brown recapped the hiring process and how the Texas Police Chief Association was utilized in the process. A regional committee of law enforcement leaders was formed for the local panel, which included Abilene Police Department chief Stan Standridge who was the chairman.The applicant list was whittled down to five candidates who were interviewed, in which Frieda was noted by Brown as the "best candidate". The purpose of the meeting was to ratify Brown's selection, which complies with Section 143.013 of the Texas Fire and Police Department Civil Service Law.The appointment was then unanimously approved by the city commission. Following the meeting's adjournment, a brief meet and greet between Frieda and local police officers and civic leaders was held at City Hall.Frieda has served as the Muleshoe Police Chief since 2006 and has over 20 years of law enforcement experience. He is a graduate of the Alamo Area Council of Government Regional Law Enforcement Academy and is also a 2002 graduate of the Bill Blackwood Leadership Command College.He is also a TCLEOSE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education) instructor, as well as a firearms instructor. In addition, Frieda holds a Master Peace Officer License and is certified as a Crime Prevention Inspector, a Basic DEA Narcotics Investigator, Fire Investigator, an Emergency Management Coordinator.While Frieda's role in law enforcement is extensive and varied, he stresses the fact that his new position in Sweetwater will not be one that is overbearing or brings about sweeping change. "That wouldn't be fair to the police department or the community," Frieda noted.His desire for himself is to get out and be involved in the community through visiting people, participating in civic clubs and getting local input. For the citizens of Sweetwater, Frieda shared that he has an open door policy, reiterating the fact that everyone--no matter who they are--has a voice to be heard.Interaction with his staff, said Frieda, will also be pertinent in order to learn from their experiences and give officers the chance to pitch ideas. Additionally, he hopes to see officers also get involved and interact in the community to be seen and informed. He knows that the Sweetwater Police Department has been successful, but Frieda desires to see the department take it to a higher level to ensure that their service is the best for the community.