Japanese disaster brings business to Sweetwater company

Ludlum Measurements, Inc., a local manufacturer of radiation detection equipment, has experienced a significant increase in business due to the disaster in Japan, according to Mick Truitt, vice president of sales, marketing and business development. Japan is still dealing with the results of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and following tsunami. Not only are they working to clean up from that disaster, they also continue to deal with the resulting radiation leaks from the Fukushima nuclear plant, and that’s where Ludlum’s comes into the picture.An average month of production for Ludlum’s is about 600 units. This past month Ludlum’s processed around 2,000 units. Truitt said the company is trying to keep up with orders the best they can and have hired 25 new employees in the last month while current employees are enjoying a little more overtime. The wide range of radiation detection equipment Ludlum Measurements produces is very helpful to first responders in a radiation disaster; however, people are now using them in their homes as well. The Ludlum sales department receives regular emails from customers in Japan about how Ludlum products have helped them. One gentleman, who lives approximately 30 miles away from the power plant, said he purchased one of Ludlum’s most popular portable radiation detection systems in order to test vegetables, milk and water coming into his home. “My family and I were so scared because radioactive substances are invisible,” he said. “Now with your survey meter, we see it! It saves us. We really appreciate it.”He went on to say that many of his friends and customers of his company wanted the same equipment for their homes. “In order to provide each of them with one of those survey meters, we would like to import 100 units urgently, as the first lot,” he said.Japanese citizens have shown gratefulness for Ludlum Measurement’s products and service. An international sales representative with Ludlum recently received royal treatment while traveling through Japan. Uniformed officials bowed to him and thanked him for helping them with the radiation detection equipment he sold to them.Ludlum Measurements owner, Don Ludlum, says he is happy for the increased business, but takes pride in the fact that his company is making a difference in people’s lives in places like Japan.