Jaycee Roosters host rally, cook-off

Campers, trailers, tents and barbecue pits could be seen all around the camp grounds at Lake Sweetwater this past weekend, April 20-22, 2012, for the 11th Annual Jaycee Roosters Motorcycle Rally and Cook-Off.Cooks entered in several different categories including brisket, pork spare ribs, chicken and beans.The results are as follows:Brisket1. Justin Jones2. Gary Watson3. Dana Reed4. Mike Calvio5. Bobby McMorris6. Riley Sawyers7. Tony Terry8. Dewayne Bowen9. Michael Jones10. Stewart WilliamsPork Spare Ribs1. Riley Sawyers2. Wayne Jones, Jr.3. Jim Bailey4. Weldon Guelker5. Dale Clark6. Ray King7. Luis Davila8. Dana Reed9. Rodney Kinsey10. Danny MaldonadoChicken1. Jim Bailey2. Danny Maldonado3. Dana Reed4. Danny Hickson5. Angela Barns6. Dusty Barnhill7. Ben Carter8. Luis Davila9. Ray King10. Bobby McMorrisBeans1. Danny Hickson2. Wayne Jones. Sr.3. Gary Watson4. Bobby McMorris5. Shannon Ortiz6. Dusty Barnhill7. Jim Bailey8. Judy Cook9. Jackie Warner10. Richard Lett