Jaycees President, artist team up for this year’s Round-Up logo

Jaycees President Clint Parks worked with artist Glen Bedgood to design the 2014 Rattlesnake Round-Up logo. Each year, the president works with an artist to create a unique logo for the Rattlesnake Round-Up. Parks has known Bedgood for a number of years and knew of his artistic background. Bedgood has also done the logos for the ‘94 and ‘98 Rattlesnake Round-Ups.“Having a strong Christian background, I wanted to incorporate wings into this year’s logo. My favorite verse is Isaiah 40:31, so that’s where I got the idea for wings,” said Parks. “It was also the hardest part of the logo. We didn’t want the wings to dominate the logo and take away from the whole theme of the Rattlesnake Round-Up.”“There are certain elements you always want in a logo and particular elements that always have a place in a logo, especially the Rattlesnake Round-Up,” added Bedgood. “The snake is the obvious element for this logo, and each president adds their unique touch. For example, past president Ray Cornutt always has a black hat and Heath Cornutt always has a white one.”Parks and Bedgood started collaborating on the 2014 logo in the summer of 2013. Two or three months later, the logo was presented to the Jaycees. “It took a while to get just right, but it came together in the end,” said Parks.Bedgood, a former photographer for the Sweetwater Reporter, was born in Louisiana and moved to Sweetwater in 1968. His father, Bill Bedgood, was the manager of JC Penney up until the store closed in 1979. Bill and his wife, Doris, now live in Arkansas.Bedgood currently teaches Rescue Certification for the wind industry at Texas State Technical College West Texas. He has been involved with TSTC for the past 30 years in various roles such as the Computer Science Instructor and department head and as Dean of Instruction. He graduated from Sweetwater High School and then went to college at East Texas State University (now Texas A&M) in Commerce, Texas where he double majored in Computer Science and Commercial Art. Bedgood has been an artist all his life.He is married to Laura Bedgood, who works as the Sweetwater ISD Superintendent’s secretary, and the couple have two children, Jacob and Mollie Bedgood. The public can meet Glen at the merch sales booth in the Nolan County Coliseum at the Round-Up and purchase items bearing this year’s logo. Merchandise will be available online after the Round-Up weekend.