Jury selection underway in trial of local attorney John Young


This week a jury examination started for the case of a local attorney charged with conspiring with a former San Angelo bail bondsman to steal the estate of a millionaire.
According to a press release, dozens of potential jurors sat in a packed courtroom at the Tom Green County Courthouse on Tuesday, listening to attorneys and answering their questions.
The Texas Rangers charged John Stacy Young, 57, and Ray Castro Zapata, 66, on two counts apiece of forgery, money laundering and theft in March 2015 following the death of San Angelo resident John Edward Sullivan, 77.
The charges carry punishments of 180 days to two years in jail and two to 99 years in prison.
A local attorney had told the Texas Rangers he believed Young and Zapata forged Sullivan’s will, which sparked the investigation following Sullivan’s death.
The alleged will, handwritten reads:
“I John Sullivan in case of some unexpected emergency or death, leave everything that I own ... to my Attorney John Young, who knows my wishes and intentions as we have discussed.” That includes life insurance policies, bank accounts, real estate properties, investmentbrokerage securities and more.
At the time, Young was representing Sullivan, who was accused of online solicitation of a minor and possession of child pornography.
The will was signed by Sullivan on June 2, 2014, two days before his death. “I leave this as my last will and testament to my attorney John Young. Witness by my friend Ray Zapata.”