Ken Becker assumes chairmanship of the High Ground of Texas

Ken Becker, Executive Director of the Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development, was honored with the position of Chairman of the Board for the 2012-2013 program year. The gavel was passed at the 2012 High Ground of Texas Annual Membership Meeting. The meeting was held in Lubbock on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. Ken Becker, the 2011 High Ground of Texas Top Gun Recipient, will lead the organization through its program of national and international marketing, monitoring legislative issues that effect the economy, supporting educational programs and will preside over all regional events. Becker served as the Vice Chairman of the Board for the 2011-2012 program year. Becker has been very active in The High Ground of Texas including participation as a partner in the WINDPOWER shows, serving as a presenter and panelist in High Ground Conferences and trainings, and sponsoring the High Ground’s Annual Austin Agency Appreciation Events. In addition, Ken represents the High Ground of Texas at AWEA and other renewable energy events. He also serves on the board of the directors of the Texas Economic Development Council and the Texas Midwest Community Network. “Ken’s passion for job creation, building capital and helping a neighbor is what will make him an excellent chairman of The High Ground of Texas. He is well known and well liked by his peers and his knowledge on many topics, including alternative energy, will lead our organization into the future with purpose and enthusiasm,” says Buzz David, President and CEO of the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation and Foundation Member of The High Ground of Texas. As the 2011 recipient of The High Ground of Texas Top Gun Award, Becker is part of an elite group of economic development practitioners. Previous Top Gun Award Winners are Kevin Carter (Plainview), Doug Nelson (Amarillo), Mike Hatley (Lubbock), Steve Deaton (Xcel), Dan Redd (Borger), Gary Vest (Odessa), Buzz David (Amarillo), Zac Perkins (Tulia), Kathy Allen (Stratford), Chris Alexander (Friona), Sheryl Hardy (Perryton), David Rushing (Shamrock), Dave Quinn (Levelland) and Janet Claborn (Muleshoe). The High Ground of Texas is a “Regional Marketing Coalition” representing the northern 66 counties in West Texas. Developed in 1988, the main purpose of the High Ground is to facilitate marketing initiatives designed to enhance the economic wealth of the region and promote the creation, expansion and retention of jobs. The High Ground organization continues to have a definite presence on the regional, state, national and global level with an emphasis on marketing the region to prospective new industry, sponsoring economic development education, promoting a positive business climate and providing a strong regional network. Becker will have the honor of presiding over The High Ground of Texas 25th Anniversary events throughout 2013. For more information about The High Ground of Texas, go to For more information about SEED, go to