Lake Sweetwater bait shop discussed at city meeting

The Lake Sweetwater Bait Shop was a topic of discussion during Tuesday's City Commission meeting, as some action was taken on a couple of items.Approval was given to renew the lease agreement on the bait shop with G.M. Morgan, Inc. Some changes have been proposed by the company, and as a result of the approval City Manager Eddie Brown will be able to negotiate the changes.As the annual lease is about to expire, the proposed changes are for the lease to become a five-year agreement with an extension option. Other issues would need to be further discussed with the company and the city.Also to be considered would be the addition of a lake lot that was previously taken off. Furthermore, with the potential impact from the Cline Shale oil development, RV (recreational vehicle) policies in that particular area may also need to be examined.The company is considered as a serious vendor who has brought a convenience store-like atmosphere to the shop. However, while Brown will lead the negotiations on behalf of the city, any changes would be brought before the city commission for final approval.Additionally, approval from the commissioners now gives permission to the lessees to sell off-premises beer at the Bait Shop as well as the Golf Pro Shop at Lake Sweetwater.A request had been submitted in the past, but licenses would need to be obtained for each location. The licenses would be subject to ruling by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, or TABC.