Lara seeks re-election

Nolan County Precinct 4 Commissioner Tony Lara announced on Friday that he is seeking re-election to that position."I took the position because I wanted to give something back to the community in which I live, and have discovered the serving the people of Nolan County is something I enjoy," he said.Commissioner Lara indicted that he has tried to be an official who listens to everyone, from the citizens in his precinct to the folks in the coffee shop to the employees at the courthouse. "One thing I've really enjoyed is being able to listen to people, and a lot of times, I can help them...whether it's moving stuff in the courthouse, helping people find the right office, assisting with the placement of a waterline or making a road safer--I can help the people of Nolan County more in this job than I've ever had."Lara mentioned that the renovation of the interior of the courthouse was one of the projects which he is proud to have helped. Probably one of the hardest tasks for a commissioner, according to Lara, is dealing with other people's money in the form of tax dollars."I try to make sure we don't spend it without really thinking first...and then getting what we need, not what we want--especially with the current projects."Commissioner Lara stated that he is very appreciative of the encouragement and support he has received over the last years, and looks forward to serving the people of Nolan County for the next term.