Last week of Big Country Biggest Winner — Who will win?

Monday, May 14, will be the last day of the Big Country Biggest Winner contest. All persons still in the contest must be weighed by Monday and have the weight reported that same Monday. No wights we be taken after that. To wrap-up this contest the originator and one of the sponsors Nolan County Medical Reserve Corps and the other sponsors Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital, Sweetwater-Nolan County Health Department, The Sweetwater Reporter and Texas State Technical College will have an award ceremony at Newman Park Pavilion on Thursday, May 17, at 7 p.m. Those attending are asked to bring lawn chairs. There will be money awards of first , second and third place for teams that have lost the largest percentage of body weight. There will be a cash award and a year's membership to TSTC Fitness Center for the individual who has lost the largest percentage of body wight and two rewards for the man and woman who have lost the most pounds. There will also be certificates to fourth, fifth and sixth place teams. All teams will be recognized  and the pubic is welcome to attend.The Medical Reserve Corps would like to thank all the participants of this event. One of the goals of MRC is to make the community be prepared for any crisis whether man-made or natural, and knows that if more citizens are physically fit, they will be more prepared. There have been many success stories stemming from this contest. The Sweetwater Fire Department had Team "Wii Not Fit" and this team has stayed in first place for six weigh-ins. There are now "Fit". Their team captain, Richard Spradlin is so fit that he walked from his home at Lake Sweetwater to the Sweetwater Health Unit — approximately 11 miles — to weigh in this past Monday.Pete Torres is another success story. He has stayed as the number one individual with the most percentage of body weight lost. He says he has not felt this good since his high school days in the 70s. He ran a mile two weeks ago and didn't even get winded. He has been exercising and on a Weight Watchers diet and the only problem came when he went to San Antonio for his wife's birthday. He says its hard to count points at your wife's party. Pete is on Team "USG Fat Blasters". He stated, "Even if I don't win, I'm glad I lost all that extra weight. I've never felt better."First and second place is very tight and the third place winner is being fought hard by four teams.All winners will be announced with pictures in the Sweetwater Reporter.Big Country Biggest Loser Week 8 results1. Wii Not Fit -9.94%2. Half Ton of Fun -9.61%3. Weapons of Mass Reduction -6.46%4. Cobra -6.41%5. Mexi Chix -6.07%6. Unrepentant Thinners -5.66%7. Family Practice Force -5.46%8. USG Fat Blasters -5.39%9. Fab 6 -5.28%10. MATT - Attack -4.86%11. Meter Maids -4.08%12. The Office -3.94%13. The Love Handles -3.89%14. Hungry Hungry Hippos -3.89%15. The Maryneal YaYa's -3.83%16. Scale Tippers -3.61%17. Tight Fittin Genes -3.58%18. Calorie Crunchers -3.08%19. In-Tens -2.68%20. Flabby Gabbies -2.62%21. Noah Pain Noah Gain -2.55%22. Procrastinators -2.44%23. Lucky Losers -1.75%24. The Fat Five -1.38%25. Chunky Dunkers -1.21%26. Dropalots -0.92%27. Six Chunkey Monkies -0.87%28. Pulmonary Pounders -0.59%Top 10 individuals by percentage improvement1. Pete Torres -17.23%2. Stephan Cox -16.65%3. Randy Petty -16.02%4. Larry McEachern -15.48%5. Richard Spradlin -12.31%6. Leo Hernandez -11.58%7. James Smith -10.93%8. Terry Frye -9.88%9. Ramon Rivera, Sr. -9.74%10. Stephanie Garcia -9.67%