Letter to the Editor — Abortion

To the Editor:In light of the new moves in federal funding and state government amendments to curb abortion, this should cause us to pause and reflect on this life issue. The universal law that binds us all, whether we are believers and unbelievers, whether Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or any other religion; the law is 'thou shalt not kill'. We need to understand that all human life has potential. The person to be born can make a difference in the world be it for an individual, community, or the whole world. So who can sit in judgment to who lives or dies? We can sit back and look at history, for example, Nazi-Germany. We say in criticism and judge the people of that time, 'I never would have done that', and standby while they took Jews, mentally handicapped, and those labeled as being inferior because they were looked down as not of the superior Aryan race! Do we of Abilene and the Big Country realize that we are standing by remaining silent as every year innocent children are murdered; put to death at the Perini Choice Planned Parenthood Center for the 'crime' of being conceived and temporarily occupying their mothers' womb. Are they given a choice?Will future generations make the same judgment on us as we make on the people of Nazi Germany, because we refuse to speak out to protect the rights of the most vulnerable of children, the unborn? Our silence is not speaking out; we are just as guilty of murder as those who serve in the Perini Abortion Center who have not given these children a choice to live.Remember, it is not a choice. It is a child with potential to change the world. For us to allow the Perini Planned Parenthood 'Choice' Center to continue to exist and exterminate life, I think we ourselves are guilty of destroying our future.This is why we must support legislation to protect life and speak out against the Perini Planned Parenthood 'Abortion' Center by writing to our representatives both on the Federal and State level, and to publicly protest in front of the Perini Planned Parenthood Abortion Center.Reverend Michael A. RodriguezSweetwater