Letter to the Editor: 2-10-13

The following is my opinion only and is not intended to change anyone's point of view. What you take away from reading this will be your opinion. Who knows, maybe you will have to ask yourself some tough questions.Shouldn't a man and a woman get paid the same wage for doing the same job? We women seem to get the short end of the stick. Men may be physically stronger and women are considered the weaker sex, but we women are tough and we try harder. We are organizers and planners. We think things through before we act so we can do it right the first time. No job is too small or unimportant and we are true team players when it comes to helping others whether or not it is in our job description. We are free to vote, drink, smoke, and whatever else we feel like doing. I think if an employer were required to hire a new employee based solely on the information on a job application without knowing the age, gender or race of the applicant, that new hire might just turn out to be the best employee ever hired. After all, someone can look like a stud on paper, but turn out to be a dud in real life.A recent letter to the editor of this newspaper raised a valid point regarding the treatment of women in other countries. Some countries do not recognize women as citizens. Some countries require their women to walk a few feet behind the men and some even require women's faces to be covered. Some countries do not allow women to speak in public or be educated. Why then should any of these countries listen to a female diplomat who is trying to establish peace? I applaud Mrs. Clinton for having the guts to travel all over the world on my country's behalf. Whether or not you feel she did a good job, you have to respect her efforts to never back down. But this is America, land of the free and home of the brave. Equal opportunity should be afforded to one and all. So why the double-standard in the workplace? Women in America are not second-class citizens and should not be treated as such.I salute the military for their recent policy change to allow women on the front lines of combat. Again, some question a woman's ability to fulfill this dream due to the physical strength required to complete the training. It is certainly nothing I would ever want to do, but I feel it is a step in the right direction of equality. When Abilene announced they had recently promoted two female officers to a higher rank than any other woman had ever held in the city, my response was a strong "It's about time!" These women are putting their lives on the line the same way the men are and now they are finally being justly rewarded. Some employers should learn from these two examples.I have worked with many men in the last 15 years of my current job. Some have been "duds," some have been slackers. But most of the men have been and still are great individuals I feel fortunate to know. They treat me with respect, while knowing my physical limitations. Some of these men have enriched my husband's life without them or him knowing it because these men have helped me grow emotionally and to better understand the different ways men and women think and act. I thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your lives. My co-workers are my family and I love them for putting up with me.As stated from the beginning, I am not trying to change anyone's point of view. I know life is not fair, but God is. Trying to change another person's opinion is pointless. I also cannot change a person who lies and/or steals into an honest, trustworthy individual. If you steal from me or my employer, I can no longer trust you. If you lie to me or my employer, you steal my respect for you. In the end, you are lying to and stealing from God. Of course, he is much, much more forgiving than I will ever be, so maybe you think it does not matter. Trust me, it does!Sandy Womble - Maryneal, TX