Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,I was in the process of writing this letter when Brad Helbert asked me to send him something documenting the response to Mitchell County by the Big Country Medical Reserve Corps. I was so impressed with how many people came out to help and how effective they were intent on being. Because of the excellent response, all of the residents had a place to stay that night with cots, blankets, pillows and sheets. I witnessed the MRC volunteers spontaneously helping anyone that needed it. I would especially like to thank Russell and Roy High for driving their own vehicles over to get the supplies needed and hauling them to Colorado City, twice, so that the shelter operations could commence. Russell has worked with us before by hauling drinking water to the wildfires we had in the state years ago during the Cross Plains and panhandle fires. I feel we are truly blessed to have such willing and able volunteers that step up anytime there is a need. That is what makes Sweetwater and Nolan County such a great place to live.Grant MaddenFire Chief/Emergency Services DirectorSweetwater Fire Department