Letter possibly linked to Dunn disappearance

Only days after it was reported that a private investigator was hired to assist in the Hailey Dunn disappearance case, some new information is surfacing.Abilene news outlets KRBC and KTAB--who both report under the bigcountryhomepage.com website--have released a letter that they say could possibly reveal new details on the last moments when the missing Colorado City teenager was seen almost two years ago. Though the note never mentions the teenager's name, several indicators points to a timeline that would correlate with the events, the news stations report. The incident occurred around two years ago to a "little kid" who would now be around 15 years old in January 2011; Hailey disappeared as a thirteen-year-old on December 27, 2010.The letter was sent to Abilene resident Jennifer Hope Harrell, whose older sister, Sonia Rene Callahan, was incarcerated in the Ector County Courthouse in Odessa on drug charges.In the letter, Callahan recalled being in a drug house in Odessa and remembered seeing the girl, kidnapped. Dunn was taken, according to the letter, because the girl's mother, Billie Dunn, owed money.Five men and three women were noted as being at the house along with the teenage girl, the letter stated. Callahan said she tried to help the girl escape but was unsuccessful. The girl was later given drugs because of her lack of cooperation, fear and crying and then died of an overdose.The girl was then buried somewhere near Odessa, the note claims. The letter was then given to authorities in an effort to help the investigation and find the missing child from the letter.The website reports that the letter was written four months ago and sent to the family member in Abilene. They also share on their website that their staff learn about the turn in the investigation over two months ago, but were asked by investigators to keep the information silent in order to not hinder their search. Upon approval from the investigators--who said the details would not have a negative impact on the case, the Abilene media outlets ran the story. They stated that law enforcement from Colorado City have investigated the letter, and while the claims remain unsupported, they are still looking into various aspects to hopefully find valuable information.